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Mediation Services
Mediation gives parties the opportunity to negotiate settlements in a structured setting through a trained and Certified Mediator who will help guide the parties to the best financial and emotionally positive outcome. Mediators help avoid the costs, unpredictability and uncertainty associated with litigation.
A trained mediator does not represent either side in the mediation process, but acts as an objective voice, guiding the parties as they work towards the goal of a settlement that resolves all of the most challenging issues.
In addition to reducing the time and costs of litigation, the Mediation process puts the decision in the parties’ hands and helps them obtain the most equitable and fair settlement possible. It also helps facilitate a reasonable and healthy arrangement without the need for costly and contentious court battles.
As an Attorney with over 40 years of experience, Leon R. Margules knows what needs to be done and can help the parties explore their options. From our offices, he and his staff help parties come up with reasonable solutions through mediation.
Family Matters
At Margules Law, we understand how difficult and emotional a divorce can be. The other aspects of a divorce such as child custody, child support, alimony, spousal support, parenting plans, time-sharing, division of property, modification of existing orders, domestic violence issues and a host of other situations which can come up during a divorce or family law related matter are very taxing on a family.
Our Attorneys are experienced and compassionate. It is extremely important to us that we maintain a strong commitment to our clients and be available to them whenever they need us. Margules Law makes sure to provide the effort and resources necessary to ensure that the final outcome of your case is one that will leave a client in a better legal, financial and emotional position. We understand that the outcome of a proceeding can affect the rest of someone’s life, as well as the lives of their family. Margules Law will work with you every step of the way to minimize the stress that comes with the process.
Expert Witness Services
Our Attorneys also have testified as expert witnesses in many areas of law and are available for consultation and services where an expert witness is needed in their field of practice.

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