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The modern world demands modern answers. At Margules Law, we offer legal services at the cutting edge of the law and technology. Meet with our legal team for the creative answers you need.
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Over the past decades, the business world has changed immensely. It is no longer a world of handshakes and trusting that people will stay true to their word. Instead, the corporate agreements and business dealings are increasingly complex and nuanced. Without an attorney who understands the legal ramifications of your decisions, you can easily make a mistake that cripples your earnings and growth potential.
At Margules Law, our office helps propel you to the forefront of your industry. Whether you choose to utilize our services during a legally complex contract dispute or to elevate your business to the next level, you can depend upon our team to ensure that your answers are complete, well-developed and future-oriented.
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Give Yourself Every Advantage with a Broad Range of Legal Issues
The key to legal success is forward-thinking, adaptable representation. Our team is focused on ensuring that you ask the right questions and get a full picture of your needs, both for today and for years to come. Our services are comprehensive and address issues involving:
Contractual relationships between your business and other businesses, vendors and contractors.
Litigation of Commercial and Civil Matters including Breach of Contract, and Tort Actions (including Personal Injury).
Agreements related to an individual’s career development, including sponsorship and other licensing issues.
Mediation and Family Matters, including Dissolution of Marriage, Equitable Distribution, Alimony, Child Support, Custody and Time sharing.
Protect Yourself While Seizing the Opportunities That Come Your Way
Ensure that your best interests are always a focus. Work with the attorneys at Margules Law
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