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Manage Your Sports and Entertainment Industry Legal Concerns
When you are under the bright lights, it can be thrilling to be part of the sports and entertainment industry. However, once the lights go dark, and the business side starts, it can be a lot less exciting and much more mundane. Your talent helped you achieve success but managing the behind-the-scenes details is where you sometimes need our help.
Often, the handling of these issues can help you balance your professional and private lives. Our team of sports and entertainment attorneys can help you navigate those areas.
Representing You Through Complicated Legal Matters
We can act for you and help you draft, litigate, negotiate and review:
  • Contracts and Lease Agreements
  • Management and Talent Agreements
  • Distribution Deals
  • Licensing and Intellectual Property Rights
  • Negotiations of Sponsorship Deals
  • Breach of Contract Litigation
  • Mediation
Experienced And Professional Representation
Our attorneys, Leon R. Margules and Zachary D. Margules, have the background that can help you understand these negotiations and documents. We represent professional athletes including boxers, baseball players and a variety of other sports and entertainment professionals.
Founding Partner, Leon Margules, has been a South Florida attorney for almost 40 years. With his background as a licensed boxing promoter for more than 20 years, he can offer a unique perspective in sports and entertainment law.
Leon Margules has represented several notable professional boxers (including multiple world champions), managers and promoters.
Zachary Margules is knowledgeable in the areas of contract and transactional law. He has extensive experience in drafting various agreements for professional boxing events, agents, boxers and promoters. He is also a licensed attorney in Florida, New York and Massachusetts.
He is a former collegiate baseball player and has become a protector of the legal rights and interests of professional baseball players in the United States and elsewhere, focusing in the areas of employment agreements and age and identity disputes between players and organizations in Major League Baseball.
Representation You Need to Control the Off-the-Field Issues
There are emerging issues related to the sports and entertainment industries. Many athletes and entertainers frequently face financial concerns after their careers end. There are issues that are more frequent these days, including harassment allegations, money management concerns, immigration issues, business investments and debilitating injuries.
Many of those concerns can be managed with experienced legal counsel, and skilled negotiations and/or litigation.
Skilled Guidance Through Complicated Issues
We can safeguard your legal concerns in the sports and entertainment industry. Email our offices or call us at 954-587-0482.

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